Elgit Doda | January 2024

Elgit Doda is an established Albanian singer, composer and producer who has written numerous songs for himself and well-known Albanian singers such as Luiz Ejlli, Noizy, Alban Skenderaj and Donald & Romeo Veshaj, to name a few. He is best known for his songs “Larg” and “Ku Je”, which both ranked highly in the domestic charts.

Irkenc Hyka | January 2024

Irkenc Hyka is a Kosovo-born singer and songwriter, who started to perform at an early age. Irkenc’s music features traditional Balkan instrumentation which links it to Albanian culture and heritage. Several of Irkenc’s videos on YouTube have achieved view counts of more than 30 million, emphasizing his popularity in the region as well as abroad. Despite his relatively young age, Irkenc has already written and performed more than 50 songs, with the most popular being “Pike te dobet” and “Mezi Pres”.